Have your say

We would love your opinion on what a Care Association for Norfolk could achieve. This Association will help shape care both now and in the future, and there is no more important time to be part of the debate!

In October 2018 we held nine consultation sessions with owners, managers and care workers from across the county. We want to thank everyone who gave up half a day of their time to work with us on shaping a Care Association for Norfolk. All of the ideas and opinions generated will be used to inform the priorities and structure of the new Care Association.

For those of you unable to take part, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved.

On this page you can download the documents that were used by workshop delegates. The Scenario documents provide examples of services drawn from Care Associations across the country, while the Priorities document gives you an opportunity to indicate high, medium and low priorities for a Care Association.

Your input is vital to shaping a Care Association that is effective for organisations operating in Norfolk. If you have the time please download the Priorities document, complete and return it to Dr Fiona Denny.


Report on consultation workshops

Consultation workshop documents