Consultation partners

Anne Killett

University of East Anglia

Anne worked as an occupational therapist in social services, and with adults and children with mental health needs before moving to a lecturer role at University of East Anglia. She has a particular interest in research involving people as ‘peer researchers’ and working on improving care for older people.

Sarah Housden

University of East Anglia

Dr Sarah Housden is an occupational therapist with experience working in both social care and NHS settings. She has a particular interest in promoting wellbeing and quality of life for older people and those living with dementia. Now working as a Senior Lecturer in UEA’s School of Health Sciences she is known for delivering interactive and experiential approaches to teaching and learning. Sarah achieved her doctorate in 2016, having carried out research exploring reminiscence as a route to and catalyst for learning in later life.

As well as continuing to work with people living with dementia in the community, Sarah’s current interests include researching the use of archive film in promoting communication between people living with dementia and those caring for them.

Bridget Penhale

University of East Anglia

Bridget is Reader in Mental Health at the School of Health Sciences. During the first sixteen years of her career she gained broad clinical social work and managerial experience across a variety of hospital and community services, including generic social work and a specialisation with older people. Her first academic post was a joint appointment split between the UEA’s School of Social Work and Norfolk Social Services (1989-1992). She later moved to a full-time post at the University of Hull (1996) and subsequently the University of Sheffield, where she was predominantly involved in research concerning older people. Between 2006-2008 Bridget held a joint appointment between the University of Sheffield and the Institute of Health and Social Care Studies, Guernsey, where she was Head of Research.


Brian Cox 

University of Suffolk

Brian is a consultant specialising in work at the interface between health, social care and people who use services. He has a particular interest in leadership in the care sector and developing accountable leadership approaches that are tuned to the reality of complex multi- agency and multi-professional practice. He has worked as a senior manager in Birmingham and Nottingham and as the Regional Director for the NHSU. As a consultant, he has worked on staff development programmes aimed at developing closer partnerships between practitioners and patients and in promoting higher status and standards in public service. Brian has worked on national projects at the Department of Health and was part of a small team that established the National Skills Academy for Social Care where he developed the first leadership qualities framework and leadership strategy for the social care sector. He has recently worked on large-scale evaluations of commissioning, integration and service improvement