Feedback on events

A big ‘thank you’ to the 78 owners, managers and care workers from across the county who gave up half a day of their time to work with us on shaping a Care Association for Norfolk.

Each of the 10 sessions held over the last three weeks was a brilliant mix of discussions, consensus and constructive challenge.  They were facilitated by our five Market Connectors who have been drawn from the world of social care and, between them, have decades of experience in a wide range of settings.  All of the ideas and opinions generated will be used to inform the priorities and structure of the new Care Association.

Consultation participants gave us lots of positive feedback on the workshops which were co-designed by the Universities of East Anglia and Suffolk and the Executive Steering Group.  They felt listened to, the activities allowed for discussion and they were able to have their say.

One delegate told us that she had initially been uncertain about the value of a Care Association, but the workshop conversations enabled her to see the potential benefits for everyone.

For those of you unable to take part, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved.

  • The consultation events considered three distinct areas and you may have views on any or all of them. 
  • What is good about the current systems of support?
  • What might be the value and benefit of a Care Association and what would be the priorities for you? What formal structure (eg membership, voting rights, subscription, income generation, communication) should a Care Association have if it is to represent the entire social care sector?

On our website are three documents that were used by workshop delegates.  The scenarios are examples of services drawn from Care Associations across the country.  The Priorities document is a form that workshops delegates used to indicate high, medium and low priorities for a Care Association.  If you have the time, please feel free to download, complete and return to Dr Fiona Denny.

The next stage of the process will be a survey which be coming out some time in November.  So be sure to look out for it.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Executive Steering Group - Shaping a Care Association for Norfolk