Consultation progress and website launch

There has been a lot happening in the last two weeks. Our colleagues at the Universities of East Anglia and Suffolk have been busy analysing feedback from the Care Association consultation events held across Norfolk in early October.

It’s early days but already there are some common themes emerging. We’ve given a flavour below.

  1. Frustration with fragmented systems and aspects of the health and social care commissioning process including care fees
  2. Praise for some of the existing support services and a desire to keep what is good and improve what is not working so well.
  3. Recognition that a Care Association cannot do everything immediately. However, priorities for consultation event participants included:
  • a voice for the sector with commissioners and regulators – around the true cost of care but also more widely on systems and processes,
  • lobbying/campaigning/raising awareness of the sector generally.
  • an information/advice/signposting hub and specialist support (eg HR/recruitment law/finance)
  • Peer support networks
  • Maximising opportunities to buy services and goods at a discounted rate

These and many other ideas will inform the next stage of the process, an on-line survey which is currently being developed by our University partners. It will then be piloted to test for accessibility before being sent out.

In the meantime, we have launched our Norfolk Care Association Consultation website

Here you can bring yourself up to date with the consultation journey so far, meet the Executive Steering Group, our Market Connectors and the University teams who are supporting us.

You can also use the website to feedback your views and find out more about the consultation events already held in October. There are copies of the materials used to generate discussion and a short report giving a flavour of some of the conversations, opinions and ideas which we heard.

The provider-led Executive Steering Group is committed to making sure that the consultation is as inclusive as possible so that the resulting Care Association delivers the right mix of services and support for its members.

We look forward to hearing your views.