Norfolk Care Association Ltd

Norfolk Care Association Ltd

This report is to give an update on the work by Interim Board. As of January 2020, Norfolk Care Association Ltd was registered with Companies House as a company limited by guarantee.  The Board Directors are:

  • Norfolk Independent Care (NIC) – Sanjay Kaushal
  • Association Representing Mental Health Care (ARMC) – Michael Millage
  • Norfolk and Suffolk Care Support Ltd (N&SCS) – Christine Futter
  • Community Action Norfolk (CAN) – Jonathan Clemo
  • Voluntary Norfolk (VN) – Maria Plumb

You may have seen the advertisements for the post of Chief Executive with interviews being held on 13 February 2020 in Dereham.  Please pass on the details to anyone you think may be interested. 

The interviews for the Chief Executive will be in two parts: a presentation to a Stakeholder Panel and a formal interview.  We are seeking volunteers for the Stakeholder Panel.  Ideally it should consist of managers/owners from the full spectrum of social care services.  We have already had some expressions of interest but would be glad to receive more.   If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr Fiona Denny at

We will keep in touch with further updates on progress.  In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to contact our Project Officer, Fiona Denny.