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A few vacancies remaining Shaping a Care Association for Norfolk Social Care Providers

We recently told you we were looking to form a new Care Association for social care providers in Norfolk. 

The next stage in this process is to consult widely with the adult social care sector to understand what services they would want from a Care Association.  This consultation activity has been co-designed by the Norfolk Care Association Executive Steering Group and University of East Anglia and the University of Suffolk. 

We have currently recruiting six Market Connectors.  We have a number of applicants but there are still a few vacancies remaining.  These Market Connectors will help us engage and consult with the adult social care provider market on the function, priorities and form of a new Care Association. 

We are in Phase 2 of recruitment and so we will review each application as we receive it.  Suitable applicants will be invited to interview on 20th September (AM).  There will be a maximum of six interview slots.  This means that the ‘closing date’ for application will be after all six slots have been allocated or 19th September whichever is the earlier.

We welcome expression of interest from any suitable candidates. Those working for organisations already providing services to the social care sector may find this opportunity of particular interest.  Please refer to the attached form for further details.  Expressions of Interest should be to 

Download Market Connector application


We look forward to working with you.

Executive Steering Group
Shaping a Care Association for Norfolk